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Classes (Schedule Coming Soon)

Facebook 101: page setup, privacy settings, completing your profile, best practices
Facebook 102: business page setup, company profile, building a fan base, best practices
Linkedin 101: page setup, completing your profile, connecting with individuals/businesses, networking, posting, types of accounts, accessing groups, growing a network
Linkedin 102: business page setup, company profile, showcasing pages, posting a job, building a following, posting, join and setting up groups, getting your staff involved to grow a network
Email Marketing 101: setting up a MailChimp account, creating a template, uploading and segmenting subscribers, initiating a campaign, clean-up lists, monitoring results and more
Website 101: building a website using Wix, adding widget integrations, optimizing for search engines, editing and adding content, purchasing a domain name, launching a website
Website 102: intro to blogging
Website 103: best practices for search engine optimization